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Selling ? Buying? Need Help Navigating ibuying?

House Secrets

House Secrets

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Are you curious about liens, market price, home insurance, refinancing and house condition?  

We Will Help You Learn About Your House


Prevent Permanent Mistakes in Divorce and Elder Family Mediation

 The more you know about your house, the better you are able to make an educated decision on keeping or selling your house during Divorce or Elderly Matters.  Contact Pam for help researching your house or a family member's house before or during mediation.  

Free Service

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How do you get started?  Contact Pam to set an appointment.  678-361-5111  She will go over the plan to act as project manager and help you gather house documents and other important information.  The service isn't to sell your house, but to help you gather facts about your house.